Official Hungarian Launch Party

(Budapest - 2013. March 1.)

Though we are a little country we had our share of the Tomb Raider reboot. Or at least we had our little party! It was a last minute arrangement but still attracted around 150-200 people.
The evening started showing the Survivor Trailer making use of the place since it was held in a place called Cinema Hall. After the trailer the main people were introduced on stage who made the whole thing possible (well, almost).

Then came a short recap of the Tomb Raider series and a review of the new game.
The next thing in line was the quiz game on the stage. They picked 8 random people, set them up in pairs and let the best or luckiest won. Each couple was given a question with 4 possible answers. If both of them chose the correct one they got another round. If they draw again they got a 'quick death' (a.k.a. really hard question) round but this time they have to answer with a number. The closest one won. Of course nobody left the stage empty handed.

Between the prizes you could find T-shirts, water bottles, goodie bags, steelbooks, a few copies of the game and some DeusEx books. The jackpot, known as press-kit, was a wooden crate filled with a copy of the game, the limited edition xbox 360 controller, the new strategy guide book, a water bottle, a mug and a comic book. Who would not want that?

After the main quiz they started up the 10 xboxes and let everyone try the new Tomb Raider while two other small games started. One was a short test which everyone was free to fill (yes, the wifi was turned off, no cheating:)) Only 7 people gave all the correct answers, a random winner was choosen. Almost all the quiz questions was pretty hard, you had to be a hardcore Tomb Raider fan to know everything.

The other game was a treasure hunt. Before the evening started they have hidden 14 little origami treasure chests all around the place. Each of them contained a number that was linked to a prize. The audience turned all the chairs and couches upside down and inside out to find them.

After the time was up to hand in the tests and find all the chests they gave away all the remaining goodies.

The night didn't end here, you still could stick around and play more or chat with the other gamers OR take some pictures with the awesome cosplayers. The 4 girls were there all night long right from the beginning, helped both on and off the stage.

Everyone who showed up was free to take a TR poster and the whole event was free!

The people who made this happen (huge THANK YOU for all them):

Alex Menrich Gaming Community (AMGC) - organizing
Cinema Hall - the place
Cenega - prizes, xbox kiosks
ÜberKonzol - game support, free coupons
TombRaider.hu - quiz questions


Photos by Tamás Jakab, dorreeberry

You can find more pictures on the event's Facebook page: [Click here]

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